Floods in Kenya, July 2013

Heavy rain has increased water levels of Lake Baringo in western Kenya, forcing around 2,000 people in Marigat district to flee their homes for higher ground. Areas around Ng’ambo and Salabani have also been affected. Schools have been forced to close, several houses have been flooded, as well as some roads, making them impassable. No deaths have so far been reported.

There is a fear that this current heavy rainfall is worse than that of April 2013 (see my report here) and may in fact flood the areas in slightly higher ground such as Loropil that are usually used to re-locate flood victims.

Lake Baringo covers around 130 square kilometres. It lies in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, about 4 hours’ drive from Nairobi and just a step away from the Northern Deserts. It is considered to be one of Kenya’s most picturesque areas of natural beauty, with the lake at the heart of the landscape of the National Park. This makes the area popular with tourists. However, the floods now also threaten to affect areas important for tourism, such as the lakeside camp site at Roberts Camp.

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Source: Nation

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  1. A lot of tourists head that way – such an amazing part of the world. I hope the floods soon pass.

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