Kenya – Thousands Displaced as Flooding Continues

Further flooding in Kenya has left over 33,000 people displaced. Local authorities say that more than 20 people have died over the past 10 days.

Several counties have been affected, with Kisumu, Samburu, Turkana and Tana River among the worst hit. Floods have cut major road networks, causing major transport issues. Homes and crops have been destroyed and power supply severely damaged.

In many areas local officials have urged communities to vacate their homes near rivers and flood-risk areas and move to higher ground. Kenya Red Cross were called on to rescue around 50 people from flooded areas in Tana River County.

Kenya Met Department said on 17 April that rainfall may decrease over the next few days but more is likely from around 22 April onwards.

This is the third wave of flooding in the country since March this year.  At least 15 people died and hundreds forced to evacuate their homes after flooding in mid March.  Before that at least 7 people died in Kenya during a period of heavy rain at the beginning of March.

Flood rescues in Tana River County, Kenya. Photo: Kenya Red Cross
Flood rescues in Tana River County, Kenya. Photo: Kenya Red Cross

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    The government of the day should have weather alert systems ready and be quick in addressing urgent weather disaster a such..shameful leaving NGOs doing something while the government is around doing nothing leaving Citizens at the mercy of the weather..

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