Madagascar – 13 Dead, 18 Missing After Floods in 7 Regions

Further severe weather has affected parts of Madagascar over the last few days.

On 21 January FloodList reported that at least 6 people had died in floods and landslides in several parts of the country during a period of heavy rainfall from 07 January, with more severe weather forecast.

Since then the country’s National Office for Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) has reported further severe flooding in at least 7 regions of the country.

On 23 January, BNGRC said that 13 people have died in recent flooding, which has affected over 47,000 people in the regions of Diana, Boeny, Analamanga, Melaky, Sofia, Betsiboka and Alaotra-Mangoro.

Among the 13 fatalities, 7 occurred in Maevatanana district, Betsiboka Region and 4 in Mitsinjo district, Boeny region, where 18 people are reported missing, swept away by the floods from overflowing rivers. Fatalities were also reported in the Alaotra-Mangoro region.

A total of 7,786 homes have been flooded, with around 45 completely destroyed, including 7 in Analamanga, 12 in Betsiboka and 24 in Boeny. Damage to homes has forced around 3,000 people to evacuate. Several national roads have been closed and wide areas of crops damaged.

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