Madagascar – Storm Dumako Leaves 6 Dead, Homes Damaged

The National Office for Disaster Management (BNGRC) in Madagascar reports that at least 6 people have lost their lives after the passage of Tropical Storm Dumako across the country. Meanwhile yet another storm is forecast to hit Madagascar’s shores some time next week.

Tropical Storm Dumako in Madagascar, February 2022. Image: Meteo Madagascar

Tropical Storm Dumako made landfall over the Soanierana Ivongo District in Analanjirofo Region on 15 February 2022. As of 17 February BNGRC reported 6 fatalities (1 in Soanierana Ivongo and 5 in Anosibe An’Ala).

Storm and wind damage was reported in Soanierana Ivongo, Sainte Marie and Fenerive Est in Analanjirofo region, and in Anosibe An’Ala in Alaotra Mangoro region. Flooding was reported areas of Atsinanana Region, mostly around Toamasina.

BNGRC said a total of 5,095 people were affected, with 2,982 people displaced and 113 homes destroyed by the storm. Floods damaged a total of 983 homes in the districts of Toamasina I and II in Atsinanana Region. A bridge in Toamasina II district was also damaged by floods.

Tropical Storm Dumako was approaching the north-eastern coast of Mozambique as of 18 February.

Tropical Storm Emnati

Meanwhile Météo Madagascar reports that a new storm, named Emnati, has formed in the Indian Ocean. Emnati will possibly reach the eastern coast of Madagascar around 22 February 2022.

Following storms Ana, Batsirai and Dumako, it will be the fourth major storm to hit the country since late January.

Tropical Storm Enmati Madagascar, February 2022. Image: Meteo Madagascar