Mauritius Update

The floods hit the capital, Port Louis, the largest urban area of Mauritius, with a population of over 130,000. Perhaps this is small compared with European and American cities, but it is still large enough to have all the urban infrastrcuture one would expect from a city. The reason we point this is is to put the video clip below into context. It shows remarkable images of streets, cars, shops and homes affected by the freak floods. The flood water are staggeringly high against the building fronts.

One shocking image shows a man stood on top of a car in the middle of the street, with flood water all around him, almost immersing the car completely.

Floods in Port Louis, Mauritius
Man avoids flood waters in Port Louis by standing on a car roof

Here is some footage take from a safe height along a street in Port Louis:

The worst tragedy of the floods so far has be the drowing of several people in an underground car park. The video below shows just how frighteningly quick and powerful flood waters can move, particularly when flowing underground.

3 thoughts on “Mauritius Update

  1. The image of the man on the roof of the car surrounded by raging flood water is quite amazing. I don’t think I have ever seen anyting like that before.

  2. This is surreal, that is all I can say. I can only sympathize with those who have had such experiences involving floods.

  3. The footage of the flood water pouring down to the subway is terrifying. Such sad news that people were caught up in that..

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