More Floods in Malawi as Outbreak of Cholera Reported

Updated: Our original report said that the cases of cholera had been reported in displacement camps for flood victims in Malawi. This is not the case. A map showing recent cases of cholera in the region can be seen here.


Further flooding has hit southern parts of Malawi, while 39 cases of cholera have been reported.

According to Malawi’s Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA), floods have struck once again in the southern districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje after heavy rain in the southern Region.

Rising River Levels and Calls for Evacuation

In a statement made on 27 February 2015, Paul Chiunguzeni, secretary of the DoDMA, said water levels in Shire River, Mwanza River and all other waters bodies in the areas continue to rise. He continued:

“As a result of these developments, The Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) wishes to appeal to the people in the affected areas to leave all low lying areas and move upland. Those that are already in upland areas must remain there at all cost. In the same vein, the people are being advised against crossing rivers and streams because doing so is a life threatening risk.”

Cholera Outbreak

UNICEF report that two people have died of cholera and 39 cases of the disease have been reported. These are the first cases of cholera seen in the country for over 3 years. A map showing incidents of cholera can be seen here. There has also been an outbreak of cholera in neighbouring flood hit Mozambique, where 37 people have died from the disease.

UNICEF Representative in Malawi, Mahimbo Mdoe said:

“As humanitarian actors in Malawi, we need to move quickly to stop any further spread of this disease. These displaced populations are extremely vulnerable, particularly those with low-immunity, such as malnourished children.

UNICEF is working to support the Government with mobile health services, as well as safe water, sanitation and hygiene services, which are critical factors in preventing the spread of cholera.”

2 thoughts on “More Floods in Malawi as Outbreak of Cholera Reported

  1. The 39 cholera cases reported were not in flood displacement sites, but at health facilities. All cases have been linked to the cholera outbreak in Tete Province in Mozambique. This story is very misleading as it leads people to believe that the cholera outbreak is in the flood displacement sites, which is not true, although preparedness measures are required in order to ensure the cholera does not spread to the camps.

    1. Richard Davies - FloodList

      - Edit

      Many thanks for your informative comment and background information (and map). We have now updated our original report, linking to the map showing locations of cholera cases in the region.

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