Niger Floods

Floods have struck in western Africa again, this time in Niger. Niger authorities said yesterday 20th August that 2000 people have been made homeless and 8 people have been killed as a result of the recent floods.

In a similar story to neighbouring Nigeria, which has recently seen sever floods in Kano and Yobe, Niger has been experiencing heavy rainfall since the beginning of August. The worst affected areas are Maradi, Zinder and Agadez.

In Maradi around 1,000 people have been made homeless after flooding destroyed their houses. Four young children died there after their house collapsed.

In Zinder, 2 other children died after their homes collapsed as a result of flooding. Zinder had more than 13cm of rain in just a few hours. The 2 other fatalities occurred in Agadez.

Of grave concern is the threat posed by locusts as a result of the recent floods in Niger, which would have catastrophic consequences for the farmland. Niger often suffers from droughts, which can result in severe food shortages. Floods and the possibility of locust plagues put yet more pressure on Niger’s food production and supplies.

Floods in 2012 and 2010
The recent floods have occured almost exactly a year after the sever flooding which killed around 65 people and left 125,000 homeless in Niger in 2012. The Niger river burst it banks, badly affecting Niamey. The worst affected area was the southern Dosso region.

In 2010, heavy rainfall from June onwards brought levels of the Niger river to the highest in 80 years. Thousands were made homeless in Niger, and the floods also spread across western and parts of central Africa.

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Sources: Relief Web