Niger – Heavy Rain and Floods Destroy Hundreds of Homes, 8 Fatalities Reported

Reports from the Civil Protection Directorate in Niger show at least 8 people have lost their lives as a result of heavy rain and flooding in the country since the start of this year’s rainy season in June.

Heavy rain and flooding struck areas of Maradi and Zinder regions in late June. Civil Protection said 4 people died in Maradi after houses collapsed. One fatality was reported in Zinder. Wind and rain caused severe damages to hundreds of homes as well as public buildings including schools and health centres. A total of 3,980 people from 438 households were affected.

Spates of severe weather continued in July. As of 14 July, Civil Protection reported 2 further fatalities and 8,533 people from 1,033 households affected. As many as 441 houses had collapsed and 635 were damaged. All regions of Niger were affected with the exception of Niamey Capital District, where the Niger River stands at 2.79 metres, well below flood stage of 5.25 metres.

Heavy rain fell from 15 July, damaging roads and homes in areas of Diffa, Zinder, Maradi and Tahoua Regions and causing one further fatality. Local media reported 252 mm of rain fell in a few hours in Hamdara, department of Mirriah, Zinder Region, on 17 July.

The rainy season in Niger normally runs from June to around September. By August last year heavy rain and flooding had affected over 100,000 people across all regions. Sixty people lost their lives.

Featured photo: Floods in Niger, July 2021. Photo: UNOCHA Niger