Nigeria – 300,000 Affected by Floods in Adamawa After Dam Failure

In a recent report on the humanitarian situation in West and Central Africa Region Weekly, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that 302,000 people in 10 Local Government Areas have been affected by flooding in the Nigerian state of Adamawa since 30 August 2015.

OCHA say that “the floods were triggered by spillage due to damage at a nearby dam in Gombe State. Recent heavy rainfall has also worsened the flooding. The National Emergency Management Agency has held a meeting to map out the response, and UNICEF and ICRC have conducted preliminary assessments”.

According to local media, flooding has also affected several other states in Nigeria, including Zamfara, Anambra, Sokoto, Kebbi and Kano.

Earlier this week the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Nigeria advised states and local governments to immediately relocate residents in communities along rivers, waterways and flood-prone areas to safer grounds to avoid unnecessary loss of lives.

Heavy rain continues to affect parts of the country. Almost 60 mm of rain fell in 24 hours between 10 and 11 September in Abuja, according to WMO figures.

See OCHA’s humanitarian report here.

Featured photo: Floods in Nigeria in 2013. Photo credit: IFRC