Nigeria – 10 Dead After Severe Flash Floods in Adamawa State

At least 10 people have died and thousands were displaced after heavy rain and flash floods destroyed homes in Adamawa State in north-eastern Nigeria.

According to a report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), flooding struck after heavy rain from 18 August 2022. OCHA reported more than 3,000 people were displaced across Jabilamba community and environs in Girei Local Government Area (LGA). At least 10 residents were killed and three others wounded in the flash flooding that also damaged or destroyed dozens of homes, critical facilities and livelihoods across the affected areas.

As of 22 August, many homes remained submerged across the affected areas and most residents were unable to return to salvage property and valuables. Unconfirmed reports from Girei suggested that the village is completely deserted after the flooding and many of the disaplced households have moved to neighbouring Song and Yola LGAs.

OCHA said that Girei LGA is one of the major cholera hotspots in Adamawa State and the contamination of water sources by the floodwater has heightened the risks of waterborne diseases across the affected areas.

The state has seen heavy rains and flooding since mid-July this year. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported storms, heavy rain and flooding affected areas of Song LGA on 17 July 2022. Over 1,200 people from 148 households were displaced and 100 shelters were damaged. Four casualties were reported as a result of the storms. The affected population were left in need of shelter, shelter repair kits, NFIs and medical services, IOM said.

From late July to early August areas of Toungo LGA were also affected by rains and flooding. OCHA reported the lives of around 9,000 people were impacted.