Nigeria – Deadly Floods in Jigawa State

At least 7 people have lost their lives and hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed after severe flooding in parts of Jigawa State in northern Nigeria.

Flood damage in Jigawa State, Nigeria, August 2022 – Mustapha Sule Lamido

Heavy rain from around 01 August 2022 triggered floods in several parts of Jigawa including the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Kiri Kasamma, Dutse, Hadejia, Kafin Hausa, Guri, Auyo and Jahun.

Local media reported fatalities in Kiri Kasamma and Kafin-Haus. Several other people have been injured and hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed. Wide areas of farmland and crops have also suffered damage.

Local politician, Mustapha Sule Lamido said, “We receive with sadness, the devastating news of damages caused by floods in some parts of Jigawa State this morning. Our condolences goes to the affected people of Bulangu, Garun-Gabas, Hadejia, Auyo, Kirikasamma, Tandanu and Kafin-Hausa who lost the lives of family members, their properties including destroyed houses, crops and other valuables.”

In a statement made on 04 August, Governor of Jigawa State Mohammed Badaru Abubakar offered his condolences and said the flood the was caused by torrential rainfall that lasted for over thirty hours.

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