Nigeria – Deadly Floods in Niger State

More flooding has affected Nigeria, this time in the west of the country.

Over the last few days floods in Niger state have caused damage to hundreds of homes and farms, mostly across the Local Government Areas (LGA) of Mashegu and Kontagora.

Local media in Nigeria, citing government officials, said at least 200 homes and wide areas of farmland were destroyed in the the floods. Furthermore, at least 4 fatalities were reported with many more people feared missing.

Flooding has affected northern and eastern areas of Nigeria since July this year. In a tragic accident, 21 people lost their lives after two vehicles crashed into a bridge that had collapsed following heavy rains and floods in Jigawa state on 15 August 2021. One of the vehicles was a bus said to be carrying 18 passengers. The disaster occurred in Gwaram Local Government Area (LGA) which is situated near the Bunga River (also know as the Jama’are or Jamaari) close to the state border with Bauchi.

Other affected states are Taraba where 300 homes were damaged; Bauchi, where 5 people died and Adamawa, where over 60 houses were damaged or destroyed in Shelleng LGA.