Nigeria – Floods Affect Half a Million as Death Toll Rises

According to Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), nearly half a million people are currently affected by flooding in 8 states of the country. At least 108 people have died in the flooding, with a further 192 injured.

The affected states include Anambra (64,331 people affected), Benue (2,201), Delta (37,017), Edo (31,113), Kebbi (94,991), Kogi (118,199), Kwara (41,680) and Niger (51,719).

Earlier this month NEMA declared a state of emergency for flooding in the four states of Niger, Kogi, Anambra and Delta.

A total of 13,031 houses have been damaged or destroyed. As of 24 September there were 141,369 people displaced by the floods. NEMA says there is an urgent need for food and non-food relief items.

Flooding also affected parts of Rivers and Beyelsa states over the last few days, and teams from NEMA and the military have started evacuating families trapped in their homes, relocating them to nearby relief camps.

As of 24 September, the Niger river at Lokoja had fallen slightly from previous levels and stood at 11.05 metres.