Nigeria – Hundreds of Homes Damaged by Floods in Taraba State

As many as 300 homes were damaged by severe flooding in Jalingo, Taraba State in North Eastern Nigeria after heavy rain from 09 July 2021, while heavy rain on 16 July swamped roads in Lagos, the country’s largest city.

Floods in Jalingo, Taraba state capital, Nigeria, July 2021. Photo via NIHSA

Local media said as many as 4,000 people were displaced by the floods. Relief supplies have been distributed in affected areas.

Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) said the floods ravaged several communities in Jalingo, the Taraba state capital. According to NIHSA, flooding struck after heavy rain overnight 09 to 10 July, adding that poor or lack of drainage systems, buildings erected within the flood paths aggravated the flood.

NIHSA also dismissed rumours the flooding was aggravated by the release of water from the Cameroonian Lagdo Dam built within the Cameroonian portion of River Benue, pointing out that areas upstream in Nigeria’s Adamawa State would have been flooded before any parts of Taraba.

NIHSA Director General, Clement Nze, said in a statement of 11 July that “at this period of the year, impoundment of water into the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon for hydropower generation is still in progress. Under normal circumstances, it is usually around the 3rd week of September that the Lagdo Dam reservoir approaches an elevation of 213m. Spillage of water can only take place once the reservoir level approaches 216m. Therefore, no release of water from Lagdo Dam ever took place.”

The Director General also warned of the possibility of most parts of the country experiencing a shorter, more intense rainy season this year.

Heavy rainfall in the south west of the country caused flooding in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, and some surrounding areas of Ogun State on 16 July 2021. Media reported roads flooded and images on Social Media showed flood water up to 50cm deep in some areas. There have been no reports of casualties or displacements, although the flooding has caused considerable damage to vehicles.

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