Rwanda – Torrential Rain and Floods Leave Over 60 Dead

Emergency authorities in Rwanda report that at least 65 people have died in floods and landslides in Rwanda after torrential rain over the last few days.

Floods in Northern Province, Rwanda, after heavy rainfall 06 to 07 May 2020. Photo: Government of Northern Province

Rainfall and Warnings

Meteo Rwanda said the Byimana weather station in Ruhango District recorded 140 mm of rainfall in 24 hours to 07 May. At least 7 other weather stations recorded more than 50mm of rainfall during the same period.

Last week the agency warned of heavy rain in Northern Province and Rubavu, Nyabihu, Rutsiro, Ngororero, Muhanga and Ruhango districts. Further heavy rain is expected over the next 3 days.

Rainfall in Rwanda, 06 to 07 May 2020. Image: Meteo Rwanda

Fatalities and Damage

Rwanda’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (MINEMA) said that heavy rainfall from 06 to 07 May caused at least 65 fatalities in Northern, Western and Southern Provinces. Later media reports said the figure was above 70.

MINEMA said 7 districts were affected including Gakenke (22 fatalities), Rulindo (1) and Musanze (6) in Northern Province; Ngororero (5), Rubavu (1) and Nyabihu (18) in Western Province; and Muhanga (12) in Southern Province.

The rain and floods also destroyed 91 houses, 5 bridges, and washed away crops, according to MINEMA.

Previous Floods

This is the second spate of flood- and rain-related fatalities in the last few days. Last week MINEMA reported that heavy rain across the country from 01 to 03 May caused severe damages and 8 fatalities. Meteo Rwanda said the Mushubati weather station in Rutsiro District recorded 81mm of rainfall on 02 May.

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