Senegal – Floods in Dakar Leave 3 Dead

At least 3 people have died in severe flooding in the city of Dakar, capital of Senegal, and surrounding areas. Neighbouring country The Gambia has also seen flooding over the last few days.

Flood damage in Dakar, Senegal, 04 September 2022. Photo: Ministère de l’Intérieur du Sénéga


Heavy rain began on 02 September 2022. According to Anacim (Agence nationale de l’aviation civile et de la météorologie), the country’s meteorological agency, some southern parts pf the country saw as much as 88 mm of rain in 24 hours on 02 September. Mbour to the south of Dakar recorded 76.8 mm during the same period. The following day Dakar city recorded 77.3 mm.

As of 04 September, the worst of the flooding was reported in Dakar and surrounding areas. Minister of the Interior, Mr. Antoine Félix Abdoulaye Diome, visited affected districts in the city.

In a statement of 04 September, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed 3 people died as a result of the flooding. The Fire Department reported flooding in 208 locations across the city.

This is the second spate of deadly flooding in the city in the space of a few weeks. In early August this year at least one person died and another was seriously injured after 127 mm of rain fell in the space of a few hours.

More rain is forecast and is likely to the regions of Dakar, Saint-Louis, Louga, Ziguinchor, Sedhiou, Kolda, Diourbel, Thies, Kaolack and Fatick, according to Anacim.

Rainfall in Senegal 02 September 2022. Image and figures: Anacim
Rainfall in Senegal 03 September 2022. Image and figures: Anacim

The Gambia

Neighbouring country The Gambia also experienced heavy rain and flooding on the weekend 02 to 04 September.

The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) reported on 03 September there had been a “huge loss of properties in Rural Gambia due to incessant rain from last night. The situation of the increasing number of floods affected families is dire. More support is also needed to repair their damaged structures.”

The Ministry of Environment said heavy storms and massive flooding continue to affect the Gambian population, especially in the rural areas of Central River and Upper River Divisions and in some parts of the urban areas of Kanifing near the capital Banjul.

Many parts of the country are still recovering from severe flooding that began in late July this year, affecting the capital Banjul and Kanifing Local Government Area, as well as the West Coast and North Bank Regions. The heavy rain continued and in a report of 09 August, disaster authorities reported 37,104 people were affected and 11 people had died.

The flooding has caused widespread damage to homes. According to the United Nations Development Programme in (UNDP) The Gambia, 51% of the buildings in Gambia are built of mud, stone and compressed earth.

Flood damage the Gambia, September 2022. Photo: Gambia Red Cross Society

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