Sierra Leone – Floods in Freetown Leave 4 Dead, Many Homeless

Major flooding brought by torrential rain hit parts of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, yesterday 16 September, 2015.

In a statement issued late yesterday, the government confirmed that 4 people have been killed in the floods and many left injured The situation is considered so dire that the government have requested all but essential workers to remain at home today, 17 September 2015.


The government said that many have been left homeless by the flooding. The government said that Siaka Stevens stadium, Attouga stadium and the open field at ferry junction have been prepared as emergency settlements for those displaced by the floods.

The flooding has devastated several settlements around the capital. Flood water is said to be over 1 metre deep in many places. Many local observers in Freetown are saying this is some of the is the worst destruction and devastation they have seen in recent years.

One of the worst hit areas is Kroo Bay. Via his Twitter feed, Sierra Leone journalist, Umaru Fofana, said:

“Terrible what I just saw. Just emerged from Kroo Bay – Sierra Leone’s largest slum – which is completely inundated”.

Flood Response

In response, police and military have been deployed to help maintain order and assist with rescue and recovery efforts. The government say that they have deployed ministry of health and sanitation personnel in hospitals and peripheral health units to assist with those requiring medical treatment.

Evacuation Warnings and Forecast

The heavy rain could last up to 6 more days and the government advised those in flood-prone areas to move to safer ground.

“… in order to minimize loss of lives and properties, people living in vulnerable areas, particularly hill tops and foreshores, are advised to move out of those locations to safe areas.”

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Featured photo: African river in flood Photo credit: Bob McCaffrey, licensed under CC.