Sudan – Floods and Heavy Rain Leave 25 Dead, 5,800 Homes Destroyed

The rainy season continues to its toll on communities in Sudan, where over 80,000 people have now been affected and 25 have lost their lives.

Flood damage in Sennar, Sudan, August 2022. Photo: Sudan Red Crescent

According to data from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), flooding or damage from heavy rainfall has occurred in around 38 localities across the states of Central Darfur, East Darfur, Kassala, North Darfur, North Kordofan, River Nile, Sennar, South Darfur, South Kordofan, West Darfur, West Kordofan and White Nile.

Around 30,000 people were affected after flooding struck in Azum and Gharb Jabal Marrah localities in Central Darfur during the first week of August 2022. Five people died in floods in Um Dukhun locality and two in Zalingi in Central Darfur around the same time. Four people died in floods in Shendi and Al Matama in River Nile state on 08 August. Earlier in at least 12 people lost their lives in flooding in Kas in South Darfur State in mid-July. OCHA report a total of 25 flood- or rain-related fatalities across the country so far this rainy season.

As many as 5,892 houses have been destroyed, including 2,405 in Gharb Jabal Marrah in Central Darfur. A further 12,785 houses have been damaged, along with schools, health facilities, latrines, water sources, crops and livestock.

The rainy season in Sudan usually lasts until September, with the peak of rains and flooding observed in August-September.