Sudan – Floods Cause Deaths, Destroy Homes in 3 States

At least 9 people have died and hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed after flooding in Sudan and South Sudan since 24 July 2021.

Building up flood defences along the Blue Nile River in Sannar State, Sudan, August 2021. Photo: Sudanese Red Crescent


In Sudan, the Blue Nile river has broken its banks in several areas including in Sennar State, where transport has been severely disrupted.

The Sudanese Red Crescent assisted travellers left marooned after roads were cut. Sudan Civil Protection said river levels increased significantly from 27 July 2021, resulting in the closure of a bridge near Singa. As of 03 August, the Blue Nile at Wad El-Eis in Singa stood at 17.00 metres, where the danger mark is 17.79 metres.

Two fatalities were reported in the state of Gezira after heavy rain caused violent flash floods. According to radio station Dabanga, more than 200 families have been affected, and three government facilities were demolished as a result of recent heavy rains followed by flash floods in the state.

Flooding caused severe material damages in Al Faw locality in Al Qadarif state on 24 to 25 July. The state government reported more than 1,000 homes and 15 school buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Meanwhile in the country’s capital city, Khartoum, residents were warned to take precautions after levels of the Nile have increased over the last few days. As of 03 August, the river stood at 16.48 metres, where the danger mark is 17.66 m.

South Sudan

In Unity State of neighbouring South Sudan, authorities say at least 7 people have died in floods which submerged several homes in Mayendit County, displacing around 400 families.

According to VOA, the floods destroyed infrastructure, houses and the livelihoods of hundreds of people. Nearly 90% of the land in Mayendit is submerged.