Sudan – 500 Left Homeless by Floods in Northern Sudan

Merowe — Dozens of houses collapsed in northern Sudan over the past few days because of the overflow of a water source. Reportedly more than 500 families have been displaced.

Residents in El Rujaila in Merowe locality told Radio Dabanga that there is a water source in the area with an unknown origin, which overflowed in the past days. 96 houses have collapsed and more than 60 houses have been damaged.

“The water source has been in the area for about two years,” a listener said. People suggested that the Lar agricultural project which passes through the area might have caused the water to accumulate near the surface.

“Water started to accumulate in the wells. The water level rose to about one metre above the surface and then the foundations of houses began to collapse.”

President Omar Al Bashir has ordered the formation of a committee that will investigate and address the problematic overflow of water, during his speech at the inauguration of El Barakal Tourism Festival.

Also located in Merowe locality in Sudan’s Northern State is the large Hamadab Dam. After construction it doubled Sudan’s electricity generation capacity but has displaced more than 50,000 people in the process, most of whom are still waiting for compensation.