(Updated) Sudan – Flood Death Toll Rises, Nile Climbs Above Alert Level in Khartoum

The death toll from ongoing floods in Sudan continues to rise as levels of the Nile have surpassed critical or flood levels over the last few days.

Floods in North Darfur State, Sudan, August 2022. Photo: Sudanese Red Crescent Society

Update, 29 August 2022:

In the latest update with figures from the UN and Sundan’s Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), as of 28 August 2022 around 226,200 people have been affected by flooding and heavy rains across 15 states.

The most affected states are Gedaref (45,270 people) Central Darfur (39,448), South Darfur (30,677), White Nile (26,592), Kassala (25,890), River Nile (15,722) and West Darfur (15,504). Nine other states have also been affected to varying degrees:West Kordofan (5,855), South Kordofan (5,765), North Kordofan (4,410), East Darfur (3,650), Sennar (3,164), Aj Jazirah (2,250), Khartoum (1,296), and North Darfur (686).

The rains and floods have now destroyed at least 13,200 houses and damaged another 34,200 since the beginning of the rainy season in June. Government authorities reported that 89 people died and more than 30 people were injured.

Original report 24 August 2022:

As of 22 August 2022, the estimated number of flood-affected people is more than 146,200, according to the Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), humanitarian organizations on the ground, and local authorities.

Torrential rains and floods have destroyed at least 9,600 houses and damaged another 22,000 across 14 states. The government authorities reported that 79 people died and 30 people were injured since the beginning of the rainy season.

The most affected states are Central Darfur (41,670 people), South Darfur (28,730), River Nile (15,720), West Darfur (15,500), White Nile (13,920), West Kordofan (5,860), South Kordofan (5,770), and others.

In addition, the floods have reportedly affected at least 238 health facilities, 1,560 water sources and over 1,500 latrines were damaged or washed away. People have lost over 330 head of livestock and over 5,200 feddans (18.9 km2) of agricultural land were affected by floods.

River Levels

Meanwhile levels of the Nile River are rising and reached critical stage in the capital Khartoum, standing at 16.42 metres as of 23 August, where critical stage is 16 metres and flooding 16.5 metres.

Further north the Nile has already reached flooding stage of 12.30 metres at Ed Deim in River Nile State.

Levels of Nile River in Sudan, August 2022. Image: UNOCHA, data provided by Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Sudan
Floods in Barbar District, River Nile State, Sudan, 20 August 2022. Image: UNOSAT

Humanitarian Aid

The United Nations and humanitarian partners have dispatched relief supplies for over 40,000 flood-affected people and thousands more will receive humanitarian assistance in the coming days and weeks, the Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Eddie Rowe said.

“Humanitarian organizations have dispatched relief supplies for about 40,000 people who have been affected by heavy rains and floods. At least 9,700 flood-affected people in the larger Kordofan area, East Darfur, Central Darfur, and South Darfur states have already received shelter supplies,” the Humanitarian Coordinator said. “We will scale up the assistance as soon as some of the areas that have been cut off are accessible again and we can deliver the supplies for affected states, including Aj Jazirah and others.”