Sudan – Over 80 Dead and 380,000 Affected as Floods Worsen

At least 84 people have died and 381,770 affected by heavy rains and flooding in Sudan since the start of the rainy season in July this year.

Floods in Blue Nile State, Sudan, August 2020. Photo: Sudan Red Crescent

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA), quoting preliminary data from the Sudan Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), said that more than 37,000 homes have been destroyed, forcing most of the families affected to seek shelter with relatives and host communities. Another 39,000 houses 34 schools and 2,671 health facilities have been damaged.

Seventeen of the country’s 18 states have been affected. The states with the highest numbers affected are North Darfur (90,505), Sennar (42,325), West Kordofan (35,780) and Kassala (32,510).

Flooded areas of Sudan, August 2020. Image: UN OCHA

According to UN OCHA, the situation is expected to deteriorate over the coming weeks, as above-average rains are forecast until the end of September.

The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources said that, according to measurements at the Dayem station, water levels of the Blue Nile are higher than the 1906 flood levels and close to the 1988 levels.

Meanwhile flooding has been reported in the capital, Khartoum, over the last few days. The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources said the average level of the Blue Nile has reached 17.43 metres, the highest on record. The previous record high was set in September last year when the river reached 17.26 metres.

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