Tanzania – Floods Destroy Homes in 3 Regions, 7 Fatalities Reported

At least 7 people have lost their lives after flooding in the Rukwa Region in western Tanzania.

The overflow of the Talanda River caused extensive flooding in areas of the Sumbawanga District on 12 April 2023. Dozens of people were left homeless after houses were completely destroyed. Infrastructure, crops and livestock were also damaged. The 7 deceased were from 2 families and included children. Several people were also injured in the floods. The Red Cross reported that 6 people may still be missing, although the situation is unclear.

Flooding has also impacted the lives of hundreds of people in Musoma Rural District in Mara Region. Local officials said homes, material possession and food supplies were damaged or destroyed in Kwikuyu after floods on 03 April 2023. A stretch of the Musoma-Makojo-Busekera highway was blocked, leaving some communities isolated.

In the Mtwara region, flooding struck parts of the Mtwara district in early April after the Ruvuma River broke its banks. Media reported hundreds of people were displaced. The Tanzania Red Cross Society reported 1,400 people were displaced and about 60 houses collapsed.