Tanzania – Floods Leave 13 Dead, Thousands Displaced

According to a report from the Red Cross, at least 13 people have now died in flooding in Lindi region, Tanzania, that first began in late January.

Furthermore, 5 people are missing, 1,746 houses have been completely destroyed and 1,074 latrines collapsed. Media, quoting local government sources, said that 15,096 have been displaced by the flooding, with around 8,000 staying in evacuation centres.

According to the Red Cross, the districts of Kilwa, Liwale and Ruangwa in Lindi are the worst affected.

The Red Cross added: “The flash floods have caused major damage to local infrastructure, livelihoods and personal properties. Schools, roads and bridges have been destroyed as well as 495 acres of farmland. Some of the areas are only accessible by boat.

“The area is prone to waterborne and communicable diseases and due to contaminated water sources and limited access to basic services for evacuees, there is an increased risk of waterborne disease outbreak.”

At least 3 people died and around 300 were left homeless after flooding in Iringa Region, central Tanzania in late January. The Red Cross also reported flooding in the regions of Dodoma and Songwe.

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