Tanzania – Deadly Floods in South

Local media in Tanzania have reported that flooding in several parts of the country over the last few weeks has caused at least 7 fatalities, destroyed over 400 homes and displaced around 2,500 people.

Tanzania’s The Citizen reported on 17 May that days of heavy rain had caused severe flooding in Kyela District in Mbeya Region in the south of the country.

At least 5 people died, 438 homes were damaged or destroyed and 2,570 people displaced. Around 2,000 of those displaced were staying in 14 relief camps set up by authorities. The remaining displaced had to find accommodation with friends or relatives. Several schools in the affected areas were closed.

According to the news report, the floods were caused by ongoing heavy rains in Mount Rungwe that caused the Mbaka River to overflow.

The Citizen also reported that rain in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s economic capital, from around 06 to 14 May, caused damaging floods which left at least 2 people dead.

Al Jazeera reported that flooding had closed roads in parts of the city, which had seen 144mm in 2 days to 07 May, 2019.