Tanzania – Floods in South Leave 5 Dead, Thousands Displaced

A period of heavy rain from late April 2022 has caused severe flooding in the Mbeya and Songwe regions of southern Tanzania, where at least 5 people have died, 5 are missing and thousands have been displaced.

According to the Tanzania Red Cross, flooding has caused extensive damage in the districts of Rungwe and Kyela in Mbeya Region and Ileje in Songwe Region. Damages include 10,000 hectares of crops, water infrastructure such as drinking water wells, several roads and at least 4 bridges. Over 400 homes have been damaged and 318 completely destroyed. Other buildings including schools and religious buildings have also been damaged.

Communities in Kyela district have been particularly badly affected. Kyela local government authority reported 5 people had died, 21 were injured and 5 more are missing. More than 630 households (around 3,150 people) have been displaced and are staying in different evacuation sites including schools and public buildings.

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