Uganda – Homes Destroyed, Thousands Displaced After Floods in Eastern and Western Regions

Heavy rainfall since late April 2022 has caused flooding, mudslides and landslides in the Eastern and Western Regions of Uganda.

According to reports from the Red Cross, flooding struck parts of Eastern Region from 27 April 2022. Affected areas include Amuria, Kapelebyong, Katakwi, Mbale Pallisa, Bukedea and Bulambuli Districts. In total, almost 7,000 people have been affected, more than 3,200 displaced and around 650 homes destroyed. No fatalities were reported by the Red Cross.

The worst affected areas are in Bulambuli here flooding struck on 28 April. Red Cross reported 4,455 people affected, with 595 homes destroying and 396 damaged. Around 600 families have been displaced.

Similar heavy rainfall caused flooding, landslides and mudslides in the Western Region of Uganda from 27 April 2022.

The Red Cross said 225 people were affected by floods in Busongora in Kasese district,, where 3 homes were destroyed and 35 damaged with at least 10 households displaced.

On 29 April mudslides and landslides affected 184 people in Kitholhu, Bukonzo, Kasese with 13 displaced, 3 houses destroyed and 2 damaged.

Landslides and mudslides struck after heavy rain on 30 April in Bufumbira, Kisoro District, destroying 2 houses and affecting 66 people.

Featured photo: File photo for illustration only. Floods in Kasese, Uganda, 21 May 2020. Credit: Uganda Red Cross