Uganda – Hundreds Displaced After More Floods in Kasese

Around 270 people have been displaced from their homes after further flooding in Kasese District in Western Uganda.

Floods in Kasese Uganda September 2021. Photo: Uganda Red Cross

According to Uganda Red Cross, flooding has affected communities in Karusandara and Kanyengeya in Kasese District over the last few days. Heavy rain from 03 September 2021 caused the Nyamwamba river to break its banks.

As of 07 September, around 270 people from 45 households have been displaced. Many have moved to a local school for safety. Uganda Red Cross said there is a need for humanitarian aid in affected areas and evacuees require items such as food, medicine, clean water and bedding.

The district saw floods and landslides in May this year and again in July.  In August 2 people died when the Nyamughasana, Dunguluha and Mubuku rivers burst their banks. Around 20 households were displaced. According to media reports in August, over 1,000 people displaced by floods were living in cramped conditions at a camp in Karusandara.