Uganda – 2,000 Displaced by Floods in Northern Region, Deadly Landslide in Western Region

Severe flooding has been reported in northern Uganda over the last few days, leaving 2,000 people displaced and 2 people missing.

Heavy rain has also affected western parts of the country, where a landslide near Bundibugyo has left at least 1 person dead.

Northern Region

Heavy rain in Northern Region caused a river to overflow on 22 August, flooding the town of Elegu in Amuru district, a trading post close to the border with South Sudan.

As many as 3,000 people have been affected and 2,000 have been displaced. Local media reports that 2 people are missing in the floods, feared dead, although this has not yet been confirmed by officials.

Uganda Red Cross says that crops in the area have suffered damage and transport has been severely disrupted in the area. Several bridges have been destroyed or damaged.

Martin Owor, Commissioner, Ministry of Disaster Preparedness, told local TV that the town of Elegu, its market, bank and customs post have all been damaged in the floods. He added that relief supplies have been dispatched and those displaced are receiving assistance.

Mr Owor said that northern Uganda normally sees heavy rain during August and September and more rainfall can be expected.

The town is situated north of the city of Gulu. During a 24 hour period, 21 to 22 August, 2017, 88 mm of rain was recorded in Gulu, Northern Region.

Local reports suggest that two rivers may have flooded. TV news said that the flooding in Elegu was caused by the overflowing Unyama river. Other reports via Social Media say that the Achwa (Aswa) River has burst its banks.

Western Region

Uganda Red Cross also report that heavy rains in Western Uganda Region triggered a landslide in a village near Bundibugyo on 24 August, 2017. A young child reportedly died in the landslide.

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