Floods Block Route From Uganda to South Sudan

Huge amounts of rainfall caused a river to burst its banks, which in turn destroyed the strategically important road connecting Uganda and South Sudan.

Reports claim that more than a week of rainfall fell in just a few hours, flooding areas around the Ugandan border and inundating the Gulu to Nimule road a few days ago. Traffic has backed up on both sides of the border, with drivers reluctant to attempt to drive through the flood zone. Some drivers have been stranded at the road side for several days. Trade has been severely affected since the number of vehicles passing between the two countries at this border point has fallen to around 10% of normal. The road connection between Uganda and South Sudan has been hit by floods around 5 times already this year. The Ugandan authorities are working to repair the flood damaged road, although they were unable to say when they expect it to re-open.

Source: VoA