320 Mm of Rain in 12 Hours – 6 Killed in Floods in Córdoba, Argentina

Local media in Argentina are reporting that heavy rain has caused deadly flooding in the province of Córdoba, central Argentina.

La Nacion say overflowing rivers caused flooding that has left 6 people dead, 4 missing and forced 400 to evacuate.

La Nacion say that as much as 320 mm of rain fell in just 12 hours in some areas. WMO report that 79 mm of rain fell at Cordoba Airport in 24 hours from 14 to 15 February 2015.

The severe weather has affected several part of the province, including the city of Córdoba, where authorities have declared an “alert and climate emergency” for 72 hours. Power has been cut off to prevent electrocution.

Evacuations have been carried out in Córdoba City, Punilla and Sierras Chicas.
According to Buenos Aires Herald, other affected areas include Ascochinga, Jesús María, Juárez Celman, Río Ceballos, Unquillo and Mendiolaza.