Floods in Alberta, Canada

36 hours of torrential rain in Alberta, Canada, brought horrific flooding to areas of western Canada. As much as 10cm of rain fell on Thursday 20th June.

So far there are reports of 3 dead, with 100,000 residents been forced to evacuate their homes. Many of those evacuated were from the Calgary area. Areas of Calgary were badly affected and some buildings severely damaged. Some people had to be rescued from their roof tops by military helicopter.

Many neighbouring villages are cut off since transport infrastructure – roads and railways – have been flooded or blocked. Many residents that could remain in their homes have been without electricity since Friday 21st June. The mountain resorts of Banff and Canmore were left isolated after the Trans-Canada Highway was closed.

A state of emergency has been declared in Calgary. Authorities have urged people to stay away from the flood zones, especially areas near bridges and along rivers. The Bow and Elbow rivers run through the city.

Two of the dead we found in an area about 50km south of Galgary, known as High River.

A map of the flood in area has been set up in Google Maps here:

View Calgary Floods in a larger map

Sources: CNN; BBC