Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay – 4 Killed in Storms and Floods, Rivers Rising After Record Rainfall

At least 3 people have died in flooding and storms that have affected several provinces of Argentina over the last few days.

Heavy rain and flooding was reported in Corrientes, Tucumán, Santa Fe and Chaco, while strong winds caused damage in Santiago del Estero. Record rainfall was recorded in Resistencia, Chaco.

Meanwhile authorities have warned that the Uruguay River could reach danger levels in Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina.

The Uruguay River has already broken its banks upstream, causing flooding in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, where some areas have recorded almost 500mm of rain in the last 3 days. Stormy weather has also caused at least one fatality in the state.

Heavy rain has also affected parts of Uruguay, including in the cities of Durazno and Sarandí del Yí, where the overflowing Yí river has prompted evacuations.


Corrientes and Santiago del Estero

According to local media 2 people died when their car was swept away by flooding from an overflowing river in Paso de los Libres, Corrientes. A young child died as a result of falling trees in Santiago del Estero.


Flooding has caused damage to homes and roads in eastern pats of Tucumán. Local medai say that more than 450 families were affected in the towns of Finca Mayo, Las Cejas, Los Ralos, San José, Garmendia and La Florida.


In Chaco, the mayor of Resistencia has described the flooding situation as catastrophic.

Record rain fell on 08 January, when Resistencia recorded 224 mm of rain beating the previous record high of 205.9 mm set in March, 1994. Authorities said that 180mm of rain fell in just 80 minutes. Around 90 families have been evacuated with a further 3,500 needing assistance.

Santa Fe

In Santa Fe, over 80 people have evacuated their homes in areas close to the border with Santiago del Estero and Chaco. Local media said that towns affected include Gregoria Pérez de Denis, Santa Margarita and Villa Minetti.

Entre Rios

Meanwhile the Uruguay River could reach danger levels in Concordia, Entre Rios, according to the Salto Grande Joint Technical Commission (CTM).

CTM forecast that levels could reach 11.2 metres, surpassing the 11 metres alert level, after heavy rain in river catchments since Monday 07 January, with further rain predicted.

Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) said that heavy rain on 07 January caused flooding in Irazusta and Larroque.


Flooding has already been reported upstream along the Uruguay River in Uruguaiana municipality in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. Levels of the river jumped from 4.36 metres on 09 January to 6.79 metres the following day.

MetSul said that 329.2 mm of rain fell in Uruguaiana in 24 hours to 09 January and a total of 497mm in 72 hours.

Levels of other rivers in the state are also increasing including the Ibirapuitã River which, as of 09 January, was already above flood level in Alegrete.

Strong winds have also affected the state. One man died after an uprooted tree fell on a house in Alegrete, according to local media.

Authorities say the severe weather in the state has left around 30 people displaced.


Heavy rain has also affected parts of Uruguay over the last few days.

The country’s Sistema Nacional de Emergencias (SNM) said that flooding and heavy rain prompted evacuations in the departments of Canelones (17), Florida (14), Río Negro (8) and Durazno (84).

The cities of Durazno and Sarandí del Yí in Durazno state are among the worst affected after the overflowing Yí river caused severe flooding.

On 10 January the river stood at 9.95 metres in the city of Durazno, up from 9.74m the previous day. At Sarandí del Yí levels have started to fall from 4.14m on 09 January to 3.61m the next day.

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