Argentina – Evacuations After Floods in Tucumán Province

Over 200 people were evacuated after a storm caused flooding in Tucumán province in northwest Argentina.

According to Télam news agency, the storm and heavy rain from 15 to 16 January 2020 caused flooding in the municipalities of Famaillá, La Reducción, La Madrid, Los Ralos and Yerba Buena.

The worst affected area was Famaillá, where around 100 people evacuated their homes. Local media, quoting figures from Argentina’s National Meteorological Service (SMN), said that 132mm of rain fell in 24 hours in Famaillá.

Other evacuations were carried out in La Reducción (60), La Madrid (28) and Los Ralos (5). In Yerba Buena flooding inundated a police station, forcing those inside to take refuge on the roof of the building.

Floods also affected rural areas of the province. The government of Tucumán deployed a helicopter to fly over remote areas to check for homes or people isolated by the flooding.

On 17 January the government reported a further 50 people had evacuated in Los Ralos and Ranchillos and another 6 in Santa Lucía. The government also said that flooding had affected Aguilares and Santa Ana near the Medina River in the south.

Heavy rain and severe weather was reported elsewhere in northern Argentina during this period. Over 100mm of rain fell in 3 hours in the city of Corrientes, Corrientes Province, causing flash flooding.

Floods affected urban and rural areas of Tucumán, Argentina, January 2020. Photo: Government of Tucumán

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