Bolivia – 30 Killed by Floods and Landslides Since January

Civil Defence authorities in Bolivia report that 30 people have died, 27 are missing and 26,596 families have been affected by floods and landslides during the current rainy season in the country.

Civil Defence statistics (pdf) for the period 01 January to 06 March further reveal that 19,058 hectares of crops have suffered damage and 182 homes destroyed.

Of the 182 homes destroyed, 145 of them were in Guanay and 25 in Tipuani, both municipalities in La Paz.

Civil Defense have provided relief supplies and in some cases emergency shelter for at least 6,551 families.

Twenty of the fatalities occurred in La Paz department, including 19 people who died in Coroico municipality after floods and landslides in early February. Other fatalities occurred in the departments of Cochabamba (5), Potosí (3), Chuquisaca and Tarija.

Across the country 21 municipalities have declared a local emergency situation and 44 municipalities a local disaster situation, including 19 municipalities in La Paz, 7 in Cochabamba, 6 in Tarija, 6 in Santa Cruz and 6 in Potosí.

Departmental governments of Potosí, La Paz and Chuquisaca have also declared a department-wide emergency.