Bolivia Floods Leave 15 Dead

A government statement of 18 January 2015 said that 15 people have died in floods and heavy rain in Bolivia during January.

So far, the rainy season (usually October to March) has not been as intense last year, when the department of Beni was particularly badly affected. However, in his statement, Oscar Cabrera,
Vice Minister for Civil Defence said that around 10,400 families have suffered property damage as a result of floods and heavy rainfall during the first few weeks of this year.

The deaths occurred in Cochabamba (7), Potosi (5), Chuquisaca (2) and Santa Cruz (1). The department of La Paz has also been badly affected by flooding.

Snr Caberra warned of rising river levels and further heavy rainfall over the coming weeks, which could worsen the flood situation for many, although he was confident that the country is better prepared than it was in 2014, when at least 60 people died as a result of flooding.

floods in bolivia
Floods of 2014 in Bolivia