Bolivia – Floods in North and Central Departments Leave 4 Dead

At least 4 deaths have been reported as a result of heavy rain and flooding in northern and central departments of Bolivia over the last few days.

European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) reports that over 5 300 people have been evacuated and over 140 homes damaged.

Three people died in the municipality of Tiquipaya, Cochabamba department, on 03 December 2016. The victims include a young child who was swept away by flood waters. A mother and her baby daughter died in their flooded home.

Local media report that the flooding was caused when waters from a small, local river, known as Greda Mayu, overflowed.

In La Paz department, 150 families were affected by flooding on 28 November, 2016 in a mining area of Tipuani. One person, a local school teacher, died in the flooding. Supplies, including food and bedding, have been distributed in the affected areas according to a statement made by Defence Minister Reymi Ferreira on Monday, 05 December.

The Minister also reported the floods have affected 50 families in Lagunillas, Santa Cruz department after the Parapetí River burst its banks. Civil Defense have delivered 2 tons of food, 10,000 litres of water, tents, and equipment and heavy machinery.


Despite four flood related deaths, Defense Minister Reymi Ferreira said that the early warning systems in the country are giving results, allowing greater coordination between municipalities and the Government to prevent emergencies and to provide disaster care.

Drought in La Paz

Heavy rain was a lot more welcome in the cities of La Paz and El Alto. The rain fell during a period of a few hours late on 01 December, causing some surface flooding and minor damages.

However, it made a welcome break to the ongoing dry spell affecting the area that has helped cause the country’s worst drought in 25 years.

Water rationing is in effect for the first time in La Paz, where the three main reservoirs that provide the city’s water are almost dry. The Emergency Operations Centre has distributed around 18 million litres of water over the last few days.

Flood Summary

Last updated: December 7, 2016
Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and La Paz Departments, Bolivia, November to December 2016
November 28, 2016
River flood
Extreme rainfall


A - Lagunillas, Santa Cruz
B - Tiquipaya, Cochabamba
C - Tipuani, La Paz


3 people
Tiquipaya, Cochabamba - December 1 to December 3, 2016
1 person
Tipuani, La Paz - November 28 to November 28, 2016