Bolivia – Homes Damaged in Tarija After Heavy Rain

Heavy rainfall on 30 November caused flooding in the department of Tarija in southern Bolivia.

Floods in the city of Tarija, Tarija Department, Bolivia, 30 November 2020 . Photo: Municipal of Tarija

Among the worst affected areas was the city of Tarija, where creeks and rivers, including the El Monte stream, broke their banks. Local authorities reported damage to roads and homes in several neighbourhoods of the city. Power outages were reported and a medical centre was also damaged.

Local media also reported that the municipality of Cotagaita in Potosí Department was affected by a severe hailstorm that caused flooding, damage to agricultural crops and damage to vehicles.

On 20 November, Civil Defence in Bolivia reported that 1,480 families had been affected by severe weather, mostly hail stand wind storms, since the start of the rainy season 09 November. One person died in Tupiza, Potosi as a result of strong winds on 16 November.

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