Brazil – Acre River Levels Fall as Flood Clean Up Begins

According to the latest report from the state government of Acre, Brazil, levels of the Acre River have continued to fall in Rio Branco and now stand at 16.74 metres, much lower than the peak of 18.40 metres on 04 March 2015.

Overflowing rivers have brought flooding to several areas of Acre state since 23 February 2015. Some of the main areas affected include Rio Branco, Brasileia, Xapuri, Epitaciolândia, Sena Madureira, Porto Acre, Capixaba and Tarauacá.

In Rio Branco, 86,937 people have been affected by the floods, according to state government of Acre. Currently 3,014 families are still displaced by the floods, and are staying in one of 31 temporary shelters set up for flood victims. A further 904 displaced families are staying with relatives or friends.

The flood waters in Rio Branco have receded sufficiently in some areas to be able to begin clean up operations. The local authorities say 570 workers and 287 machines will be used to clear debris, unblock the drainage system and clean the streets.

Rio Branco. Photo: Gleilson Miranda/Secom
Rio Branco during the floods March 2015. Photo: Gleilson Miranda/Secom

Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms Forecast for Eastern Brazil

A slow-moving storm system will bring heavy rain and thunderstorms to parts of eastern Brazil over the next 3 days, according to AccuWeather, who say:

The heaviest rainfall will be focused across the states of Sao Paulo, southern Minas Gerais and southern Rio de Janeiro. These areas will receive 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) of rainfall into Wednesday with localized amounts up to 150 mm (6 inches).