Brazil – Flood Death Toll Rises in Bahia, Thousands Displaced in Minas Gerais

The flood situation in the state of Bahia, northern Brazil, has worsened over the last few days with an increase in the number of fatalities. Meanwhile authorities in the neighbouring state of Minas Gerais report flooding and heavy rain has affected at least 13 municipalities in the last week.

Floods in Sambaituba, Bahia, Brazil, December 2021 – Camila Souza / GOVBA


Further information provided by local municipalities in the state of Bahia, northern Brazil, shows that 24 people have lost their lives in the ongoing floods, an increase of 4 from number reported previously.

Fatalities have occurred in the municipalities of Amargosa (2), Itaberaba (2), Itamaraju (4), Jucuruçu (3), Macarani (1), Prado (2), Ruy Barbosa (1), Itapetinga (1), Ilhéus ( 2), Aurelino Leal (1), Itabuna (2), São Félix do Coribe (2) and Ubaitaba (1).

Authorities say 141 municipalities in total have now been affected (an increase from 116) with 132 declaring a state of emergency.

The state government reported on 29 December that 629,398 people have now been affected, with 91,258 displaced. Over 430 people have suffered injuries.

Areas of the state have seen heavy rainfall, floods and landslides since late November this year.

Floods in Itajuípe, Bahia, Brazil December 2021. Photo: Government of Bahia
Floods in Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil December 2021. Photo Camila Souza GOVBA

Minas Gerais

Meanwhile civil defence authorities in the neighbouring state of Minas Gerais report flooding and heavy rain has affected 8,350 people and displaced 5,000 across 13 municipalities since 22 December 2021.

The worst affected areas are Caraí (3,000 affected), Itabirinha (5,000 affected), Machacalis (3,314 displaced) and Salinas (1,000 displaced). One fatality was reported in Montes Claros. Governor of the State, Romeo Zema, visited affected areas of Salinas on 29 December 2021.

Flooding affected parts of the state in early December when the governor declared an emergency situation in 31 cities and municipalities mostly in the Jequitinhonha and Mucuri valleys, including the cities of Águas Formosas, Bandeira and Machacalis. A total of 9,650 people were displaced and around 2,000 houses damaged.

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