Brazil – Thousands Displaced by Floods in North East

Torrential rain and overflowing rivers in northeastern Brazil has prompted thousands of people to evacuate their homes in the states of Alagoas, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte. One person was reported missing in floods in Pernambuco.

Flood clean up in Jaqueira, Pernambuco, Brazil, July 2022. Photo; Prefeitura de Jaqueira


Heavy rain has been falling in the state of Alagoas since the start of the month. Porto de Pedras recorded 97.6 mm of rain in 24 hours to 02 July 2022. As of 03 July, the state’s Environment and Water Resources agency reported rivers were above the danger mark in 5 locations: the Paraíba river at Viçosa; the Canhoto river at São José da Laje; the Mundaú river at Murici; the Jacuípe river at Jacuípe; and the Mundaú river at Rio Largo.

Civil Defence in the state said 39,285 people had evacuated their homes and moved to stay with relatives or to an emergency accommodation centre.

Over 50 municipalities have been affected, with the populations of Viçosa, São José da Laje and Coruripe among the hardest hit.

Heavy rainfall in May this year caused severe flooding in the state, and 4 people lost their lives. The state’s Environment and Water Resources agency said in the 60 days to 03 July, the state recorded the amount of rain normally seen in the whole year.


The state of Pernambuco also saw heavy rain over the last few days. Barreiros recorded 94.6 mm of rain in 24 hours to 01 July. Garanhuns recorded 110.8 mm in the following 24 hour period.

Local media reported evacuations in the municipalities of Barreiros, Canhotinho and Itaíba, among others. As of 03 July, Brazil’s National Civil Defence said nearly 4,200 people had evacuated their homes across 24 municipalities. One person was reported missing after being swept away by flash floods in Jaqueira. Governor Paulo Câmara visited some of the affected areas including São Benedito do Sul on 03 July 2022.

Over 80 people lost their lives in severe flooding and landslides in the state in May this year.

Rio Grande do Norte

Heavy rain from 02 July 2022 caused flooding which destroyed roads and damaged homes in parts of the  Metropolitan Region of Natal in Rio Grande do Norte state. The city government has opened schools to house evacuees and distributed mattress and other relief supplies. Ponta Negra in Natal recorded 160 mm of rain in 24 hours to 03 July 2022.