Brazil – Floods Affect Thousands in Minas Gerais and Rio De Janeiro States

A series of storms in bordering parts of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro states in Brazil caused flooding over recent days which has affected over 15,000 people and left hundreds homeless.

Flooded areas of Laje de Muriaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after the Muriaé River broke its banks, February 2022. Photo: Silvio dos Santos,  Laje do Muriaé City Hall

Rio de Janeiro

Among the hardest hit areas is the municipality of Miracema in northwestern Rio de Janeiro. Heavy rain fell on 08 February triggering floods and landslides. As of 11 February 15,000 people were affected and 1,400 displaced. The municipal government declared a state of emergency and said authorities will continue to monitor affected areas and provide aid and relief supplies to victims.

In nearby Laje do Muriaé, the Muriaé River broke its banks on 10 February causing widespread flooding. As of 11 February, the river stood at 6.46 metres, well above major flood stage of 5.6 metres. The government of Laje do Muriaé reported that 900 people were affected and around 500 displaced.

The municipalities of Santo Antônio de Pádua, Italva and Itaocara also declared a state of emergency due to heavy rain, according to media reports. Santo Antônio de Pádua recorded 145.7 mm of rain in 24 hours to 09 February 2022.

Other municipalities, including Volta Redonda, Aperibé and Itaperuna have also been affected by heavy rain over the last few days.

One family was rescued from a home after they became trapped by flood water and debris after flash flooding in Volta Redonda on 07 February. Four houses (9 residents) were evacuated due to landslide risk. The local municipality said 44.5 mm of rain fell in a short period causing the levels of the Paraíba do Sul River to jump to 2.15 metres above normal.

Minas Gerais

Heavy rains caused flooding and landslides in the Ribeiro Junqueira District of Leopoldina municipality in southern Minas Gerais from late 12 February 2022. Local government said “the force of the waters left dozens of people homeless and wreaked havoc on homes and roads.”

Preliminary data said 30 families were displaced.

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