Brazil – 14,000 People Hit by Floods in Oriximiná, Pará

Authorities in the municipality of Oriximiná in the state of Pará, northern Brazil, declared an emergency on 22 April after days of flooding.

Floods in Oriximiná, Para, Brazil, April 2021 Photo: Government of Oriximiná

Flooding first struck around 19 April 2021 after the Trombetas river broke its banks.

As of 22 April, the municipal government said flooding approximately 14,020 people are directly affected. An estimated 3,000 homes were flooded and affected in some way. In the city of Oriximiná, streets, businesses, public buildings and infrastructure also suffered damage. Surrounding rural areas along the river also experienced flooding. The municipal government said dozens of communities were affected, with homes, schools, livestock and crops damaged.

Last month authorities declared an emergency situation after flooding in the municipality of Rio Maria in Pará.