Brazil – Flooding Rivers Displace Thousands in Rondônia

Overflowing rivers in the state of Rondônia in Brazil have forced hundreds of families to leave their homes.

Floods Cacoal, Rondônia, Brazil 19 February 2022. Photo: Government of Rondônia

According to the state government, heavy rain from early 18 February 2022 increased levels of rivers including the Pirarara, Salgadinho, Tamarupá, Riozinho and Machado, causing flooding in the municipality of Cacoal. The municipality government added that the opening of floodgates in a hydroelectric plant in the region added to the flooding.

By 19 February 400 families had evacuated their homes, mostly in the Santo Antonio and Liberdade neighbourhoods of Cacoal. Officials reported a total of 1,400 families affected. Roads and bridges have also been damaged, leaving many communities isolated.