Brazil – Flash Floods in Santa Catarina After 280mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Torrential rain caused flooding and landslides in the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil from 08 June 2021.

CBMSC responded to hundrreds of calls for assistance after heavy rain in Santa Catarina, Brazil, 08 to 09 June 2021. Photo: CBMSC SC

The government of Santa Catarina said teams from the Military Fire Department of Santa Catarina (CBMS) responded to calls for assistance in several municipalities.

The municipality and city of Canelinha was one of the hardest hit, where dozens of homes were flooded and 146 people evacuated to temporary shelter. Other rescues and evacuations were carried out in Brusque, Tubarão and Itajaí. CBMS also responded to calls in Balneário and Camboriú. In total at least 16 municipalities have reported incidents of flooding and severe weather impacts, with further heavy rain fall forecast.

More than 280mm of rain fell in Canelinha in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil in 24 hours to 09 June 2021. At least 7 other locations in the state saw more than 150mm of rain during the same period.

Rainfall in Santa Catarina, Brazil, June 2021. Image: Defesa Civil Santa Catarina

Meanwhile the ongoing drought conditions have worsened in western areas of the state, and 80 municipalities have now declared an emergency situation. Civil defence said currently 3% of Santa Catarina’s municipalities are in critical condition in relation to compromising the water supply, 8% in alert and 26% in a state of care.

Drought in Santa Catarina, Brazil, June 2021. Photo: Defesa Civil SC