Brazil – Rising Rivers Force 700 Families to Evacuate in Pará

Around 700 families have been forced from their homes after flooding rom overflowing rovers in the state of Pará in northern Brazil.

Floods in Marabá Brazil January 2022. Photo: Prefeitura Municipal de Marabá

Levels of the Tocantins and Itacaiúnas rivers in of Pará state have been rising since the start of the year after a period of heavy rainfall. Families have evacuated their homes in the city of Marabá, located at the confluence of the two rivers. Municipality government reported on 04 January that the rivers were already 11.50 metres above normal and around 300 families had evacuated. As of 08 January this number had increased to 700 families.

Streets and homes in low-lying areas close to the rivers are flooded. Evacuated families have been moved to 16 temporary shelters set up by the municipality. Around 2,500 humanitarian kits containing relief supplies have been distributed among the affected population.

Authorities said river levels are expected to reach 13 metres above normal, a situation that would likely lead to the inundation of at least 50% of the Velha Marabá neighbourhood of the city.