Canada – Damaging Floods in Saskatchewan After 127mm of Rain in 3 Hours

The city of Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, declared a state of emergency on 11 July 2016 after a 3 hour torrential downpour caused damaging floods.

In a statement, Mayor Roy Ludwig, said that Estevan experienced over 5 inches (127 mm) of rain in a very short time frame on during the afternoon.

Areas of the city of around 11,000 inhabitants have been closed and the public warned to stay away. The flooding caused power outages at the local water treatment plant.

Floods in Estevan. Photo: Estevan Police Dept
Floods in Estevan. Photo: Estevan Police Dept

Environment Canada said that the rain was brought by a slow-moving low pressure system over southern Saskatchewan. Rainfall warnings will remain in effect until the entire system moves off into Manitoba Tuesday.

Other areas of the province also saw heavy rain. The figures below are rainfall totals for a 23 hour period on 11 July, 2016, according to Environment Canada.

  • Watrous: 88.9 mm
  • Bjorkdale: 83.57 mm
  • Semans: 69.34 mm
  • Davidson: 56.9 mm
  • Braddock: 53.09 mm
  • Val Marie: 51.6 mm

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