Chile – Floods Prompt Rescues and Evacuations in South-Central Regions

Dozens of people have evacuated their homes while others have been left isolated after heavy rain triggered landslides and flooding in Bio Bío, Araucania, Los Ríos and Los Lagos Regions of Chile. Around 15,000 people were left without power.

A landslide in Panguipulli Commune, Los Rios, Chile. Photo: Government of Los Rios Region

Chile’s National Emergency Office ONEMI reported the development of the frontal system forecast for the section between the Ñuble and Los Lagos regions on 01 June 2021.

According to figures provided by ONEMI, in a 20 hour period on 01 June, Maquehue in Padre las Casas Commune of Araucania Region recorded 101.9 mm of rain, while Corral in Los Rios recorded 128.9 mm and Concepcion in Bio Bío recorded 77.8 mm.

Araucania Region

Parts of Araucania Region are among the hardest hit. Homes and buildings have been flooded Lonquimay, Padre Las Casas, Purén and Pucón. Thirteen people were airlifted to safety in Cunco Commune due to the flooding of the Curacalco river which damaged access bridges.

Landslides and flood have wiped out roads, leaving communities isolated in Melipeuco, Pucón and Collipulli.

Authorities issued a Red Alert for the communes of Vilcún, Temuco and Padre Las Casas due to the threat of overflow of the Cautín river, which reached 2.8 metres at the Cajón station Vilcún commune on 01 June 2021.

Meanwhile a Yellow Alert was in place for the Toltén commune due to overflow the overflow of the Toltén River. Around 4,000 people were left without drinking water in Queule, Toltén Commune, due to the river’s turbidity.

Bio Bío Region

In Bio Bío Region, dozens of home were flooded in Antuco, Talcahuano, Lota and Concepción communes, while in Antuco, 60 people are isolated after a landslide and debris blocked road access to the area.

Los Ríos Region

In Los Ríos Region, 20 people were evacuated as a result of a landslide in Ñisoleufu-Coñaripe in Panguipulli Commune. Six people were injured and 1 house destroyed. Meanwhile the overflowing Gol Gol River has wiped out roads, leaving people isolated in the Commune of Rio Bueno.

Los Lagos Region

Heavy rain caused landslides have also blocked roads in parts of Los Lagos Region. Several houses were damaged by floods in Cochamó and 2 people were evacuated in Commune of San Juan de la Costa.

Landslides and floods have wiped out roads, leaving communities isolated. Photo; Government of Los Rios Region, Chile

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