Chile – Storms and Floods in Maule, Biobío, Araucanía and Metropolitan Regions

Severe weather, including heavy rain and thunderstorms, affected central and southern Chile from 16 June, causing casualties and damages.

According to official reports, the areas most affected are in the regions of Biobío and Araucanía, in particular the communes of Los Alamos, Cañete, Curanilahue and Temuco.

Chile’s Office of National Emergency (ONEMI) reports that 4 people have died as a result of the severe weather. Two fatalities were reported in Maule Region, one in Araucanía and one in Santiago Metropolitan Region.

As of 17 June, as many as 2,915 people were affected by the severe weather. Over fifty people have been displaced and are in temporary accommodation.

Over 700 houses suffered some form of damage from the floods or strong winds. In addition, 263,533 customers are reported without electricity and approximately 6,000 customers without water supply.

Dirección Meteorológica de Chile reported that 189.5 mm of rain fell in Curanilahue, Bío Bío Region, in 24 hours to 17 June. Cañete, also in Bío Bío, recorded 104.5 mm during the same period. ONEMI says that rivers have overflowed in Bío Bío Region.

Last month 2 people died and thousands were evacuated after flooding in Atacama and Coquimbo, northern Chile.