Colombia – Damaging Floods and Landslides in Antioquia, Meta and Putumayo

Heavy rain has taken its toll in at least 3 departments of Colombia over the last week, with damaging floods and landslides reported in the departments of Antioquia, Meta and Putumayo.

Landslide and floods damaged homes and infrastructure in San Carlos, Antioquia, Colombia, October 2021. Photo: Alcaldía San Carlos

Antioquia Department

Heavy rain from late 26 October caused flooding in the municipality of El Retiro, Antioquia. Civil Defence said the La Agudelo stream broke its banks, with the ensuing floods damaging over 130 homes and affecting around 600 residents. Search teams were deployed to the areas after two people were reported missing. Officials later said all residents were accounted for and there were no injuries or fatalities to report.

A few days earlier heavy rain caused landslides and floods in San Carlos municipality of Antioquia. Roads were blocked and at least 2 houses and a bridge were destroyed. No injuries or fatalities were reported, although 65 families were severely affected.

Meta Department

Civil Defence in Colombia also reported floods in Meta Department over the last few days. One person was rescued from the flooding Guatiquía River in Villavicencio. Civil Defence teams were also called on to help evacuate 10 people, including 5 children, from flooded homes in Grenada.

Evacuations after floods in Granada, Meta, Colombia October 2021. Photo: Defensa Civil Colombia

Putumayo Department

Flooding has also affected parts of Putumayo Department during late October. Civil Defence said homes were damaged and around 250 people affected across the municipalities of Puerto Guzman and Valle del Guamez.